A word about sermons:  Sermons are 'alive' when they are preached, in the sense that the Spirit is actively engaged in connecting scripture, the words of the preacher and the congregation.  Outside of the time and place they are offered, outside of the community they are written for, sermons do not always 'translate'.   Sermons take shape and change each time they are given, and generally there are additions and alterations between the time the sermon is 'written' and when it is last preached. 



2/26/2017   Transfiguration Sunday                                Rev. Ann

1/22/2017   Epiphany 3 come and follow me 1.mp3       Rev. Ann

12/24/2016 Christmas Eve 2016                                       Rev. Ann

12/11/2016 Hope                                                                Rev. Ann

12/4/2016   Waiting                                                            Rev. Ann

11/27/2016  War no more                                                  Rev. Ann

11/24/2016  Thanksgiving Message.mp3                        Rev. Ann

11/13/2016  The light shines in the darkness.mp3         Rev. Ann

11/06/2016  I want to be one too!                                     Rev. Ann

10/30/2016  The gift of Love and forgiveness                  Rev. Ann

10/23/2016    Can you see me now?                                         Rev. Ann

10/16/2016  Who is bothering Who?                                Rev. Ann


10/9/2016    Gratitude



 10/02/2016     Faith the size of a mustard seed 100.mp3     The Rev. Ann Ritonia (Thank you to my Deep calls to Deep Preaching Group and the Rev. Liz Tomlinson for her creativity and ideas I used this week as well as The Rev. Dr. David Lose to whom I am eternally grateful for his wisdom and insights)


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